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General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid as from Mai 1st, 2011 and govern all bookings you make with us and to any liability we may have in relation to that booking. They might be amended from time to time. The contract conditions define the policies on the basis of which Mytown4you GmbH accepts registrations for events and community memberships.

The word customer subsequently designates the person who has made the reservation and all other persons that were named by this person at the time of registration.

Community memberships

Data privacy

With your application you accept that Mytown4you can use this information solely for our internal use to send you further information on similar happenings. The data will be kept confidential and will not be forwarded to any other source.

Data protection
The personal data you enter when you register as a member (your profile) or for an event will be used exclusively by Mytown4you and not be passed on to third parties.

e-mail traffic
By contacting Mytown4you by e-mail or giving us your e-mail address, you agree to accept correspondence by e-mail. We wish to draw your attention to the unreliability or e-mail traffic and cannot give any guarantees for its performance.

No guarantee for the content of the website
Mytown4you ensures that all information is correctly reproduced and regularly updated. Mytown4you, however cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information used from other sources. Mytown4you reserves the right to change the information contained in the website at any time without prior notice if necessary.

Technical problems
Mytown4you cannot be held liable for difficulties that arise during the use of these websites, whether they are caused by problems with our server, by internet malfunction or by actions of third parties.


Mytown4 you - events

Registration fee for events

When a customer registers for an event by Mytown4you, you will be sent a confirmation together with a pay-in slip for the cost of the chosen event. The prices are binding. Not paying the fee is not perceived as a cancellation of the event. Therefore, you are obliged to pay the whole fee, or part of it according to the indicated cancellation policy.

Rates, all taxes and, in relation to your charges relating to your booing must be paid in full when a confirmed reservation is made. If such sums have not been paid In full (or appropriate credit arrangements are not made with us) when a reservation is confirmed, we may at any time cancel the booking.

Execution of an event
To ensure an optimal event, we will define a minimum and maximum number of participants. A “first-come first-serves” rule will be applied. If Mytown4you does not receive sufficient registrations, the event will either not take place or will be re-arrange at a different date. Reimbursement of the paid fees will be made only if the event cannot be carried out at a later stage.

Depending on the event, Mytown4you may decide to go ahead with less participants, if the customers agree to pay an enhanced fee or agree to a modification of the event.

We reserve the right to, either postpone an event, combine it with another planned event or arrange an alternative similar happening subject to availability, in case the original event cannot be executed as planned for unforeseen reasons.

Lead booking person
When you make a booking, we will ask you for a lead booking name. The lead name on the booking guarantees that he or she has the authority to accept and does accept these terms and conditions on behalf of the whole party. The lead booking name undertakes that he/she has authority to act on behalf of all members of that booking party. This includes accepting any communications / correspondence from us our suppliers on behalf of all members of your booking party. You have to be at least 18 years old to be the lead booker.

By providing the lead booking name and contact details you consent to our use of these contact details in all later correspondence, between you and us or our suppliers. It is particularly important that the contact details provided to us are correct because we will use these details if we need to contact you to inform you of any changes, amendments and cancellations to your booking.

Depending on the time of the cancellation of a customer, Mytown4you will charge part of the fee or the full fee of the event.
Not attended events
If a customer is prevented from attending a particular event for any reason or emergency whatsoever, fees will not be refunded nor is it possible to attend a similar event, without re-paying for it.

Mytown4you reserves the right to exclude a participant from attending an event if the event is not paid in time or for other reasons (e.g., in severe cases of harassment or in case of malicious damage of property).

Insurance, damage caused by customers
Mytown4you is not liable for any damages caused by participants in any of the chosen locations. All customers need to arrange their own accident insurances. The use /act of any location or any material are at one’s own risk. Mytown4you is not responsible for any thefts, loss or damage of the participant’s goods.



The entire content of these websites is copyrighted and – unless otherwise identified – the property of Mytown4you. The storage, reproduction or any other use of photographs, texts or design, as well as the creation of links to these websites or their circulation for commercial purposes, is prohibited without our written consent.

Court of jurisdiction
In any situation of breech of contract, the Swiss law will be applied. The domicile of Mytown4you is Basel-Landschaft (Allschwil). Venue is Liestal (Basel-Landschaft). Only Swiss law is applicable.