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Experiences from Basel Expats

Successful Relocations - a big necessity

Accepting a new position abroad primarily means moving to a higher level in business leadership. Many expatriates see the new perspectives offered as a reward and a huge opportunity. However, for a successful transition from the date of relocation to a strong job commitment, being quickly comfortable with your new surroundings is crucial - especially for valuable, high-profile employees and their families, who do not speak the local language.

Typically, the first few weeks determine whether you like the place or not. Sixty-five percent of failed relocations result from personal difficulties in becoming familiar with the new environment. Often little things can make huge differences!*

Therefore, modern HR Management has discovered the benefits of local services that go beyond the usual solutions - services that address the special needs of global citizens and that foster a satisfying work-life-balance for a higher quality of life.

*Brookfield Global Relocation Services (2009)

Salieu Jalloh

People say Swiss are not so accessible. Well, I beg to differ. You just have to know who to talk to. For me, I feel welcome. I liked Basel immediately and I love Switzerland!

Salieu Jalloh, Sierra Leone, Head DRA, Africa Cluster, Novartis

Mireille Saliba

At the beginning, it was quite difficult to get the daily things done that one has to do. My intention was to quickly fit in the local society.

Mireille Saliba, Lebanon, Global Brand Director, Novartis


Anshul Tandon

It would be great to have someone help you connect to other newcomers, other expatriates and locals who can show you different facets of this wonderful city, and make the integration smooth and fun.

Anshul Tandon, India, Regional HR Business Partner, Roche

Carolyn Arculus

When I came to Basel 20 years ago there was nothing that could help me find what is going on. Today I know that there is a tremendous variety of offerings available.

Carolyn Arculus, UK, Senior Executive Coach, Carolyn Arculus Consulting