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Basel and the Three Country Corner - in the Heart of Europe

Enjoy the beautiful cityscape of Basel

Few other regions in Europe are as cosmopolitan as Basel. Also known as the "three country corner", where Switzerland, Germany and France meet. Home to one of the world's most effective life science clusters - with companies representing the full breadth of the industry. A hub of innovation and growth. The Basel success story grew from a long tradition of pharmaceutical companies: two of them are in the world's top five.

About 800,000 inhabitants in the Basel region

Over 150 nationalities. Highly qualified professionals from around the world. Around two-thirds of the local expatriates work for Basel's large corporations. Most of these talents stay here for a few years only (approx. 2500 relocations each year). But some expatriates stay for good. Why? The high standard of living and level of security only few other countries can match.

The Three Country Corner offers the best in cuisine and culture, leisure and education.

But that's not all. It is a Mecca for Europe's gourmets. The Basel theatre presents around 30 operas, plays and ballet productions each year. The Burghof in Lörrach offers an amazing range of concerts, theatrical productions and more. Many international employees also enhance Basel's sports offerings: a cricket club, rugby, American football and baseball teams. Nature enthusiasts enjoy the surrounding areas like the Jura hills or head north to the Black Forest and the Vosges. Local and international schools offer some of the best education anywhere.

Welcome to Basel and the Three Country Corner!