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MyHome4You - private dinners for Mytown4you members

Mytown4you Bar Mixing - Sichtbar

The Sichtbar, Dealeon and Mytown4you invited to a barmixing course at the Sichtbar in Gundeldingerfeld. The barkeeper Valentino tought us some basics on what equipment your bar needs to be equipped with to be able to mix your own drinks. However, If you want to use your creativity and innovation and create your own recipes, you need more... a sense of flavor and your imagination and creativity!

We developed our own recipes and then mixed our creations behind the bar. The results were amazing and much more professional than we anticipated... congratulations to everybody! It was a lot of fun and an evening that makes sense to replicate.

The best drink was awarded with a present and .. even better, Valentino asked for the recipe. Here it is - the Dark Soul! 
4cl Cointreau, 2cl Tequila, 2cl Whisky, add a little citrus sirup and Angostura. Finally, fill it up with ice and Ginger Ale. Enjoy!

Mytown4you Wine tasting - Cava Hispania

Many years ago Felix Henschen has been offered a job in Spain. This experience largely influenced his life. He fell in love with Spain, he fell in love with his wife Alejandrina and he fell in love with Spanish wines. Felix is focusing on wine cellars that do not produce in large numbers but dare to experiment with and cultivate special grapes, focus on quality, traditional wines and care about environmental friendly production.

Felix not only gave us an introduction to different regions, different grapes and different tastes but also did a perfect job in stimulating our curiosity about the wonderful world of Spanish wines.

Thank you Felix, I will definitively come back! It has been a great evening!

PS: If you are interested to learn more about Spanish wines and discover your personal favorites ? contact Felix at Cava Hispania (061 302 46 02, Sennheimerstrasse 16, 4054 Basel). You can also arrange your own wine tasting.

MyTown4You - Kick Off

It was our pleasure to welcome more than one hundred guests at the official opening of Mytown4you. There was a lot of interest shown in the memberships and a lot of excitement on the all embracing and substantial concepts like the premium package. 

Our guests had a chance to talk to many of our partner organizations, such as the Trois Rois, dogmafree, choco loco as well as a representative of  Integration from the city of Basel. 

The majority of the attendees stayed until late in the evening, enjoyed the opportunity to network, to share ideas, the good food, the great location and some ended up dancing to their chosen music at the DJ. 

Katrin Adler and Team