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Katrin Adler

I am 'born and bred' in Arlesheim just outside of Basel. When I was 21, I went to Salt Lake City (USA) to study in an exchange program and enjoyed the first time freedom and space travelling through North America. Since then I travelled the world as a tourist and in my professional life, lived in Denmark, Botswana, and Africa and worked in global corporate companies as well as in social institutions.

I have always been curious about people, cultures, binding values and why it is so difficult for us human beings to enjoy and make use of the wonderful diversity there is - even here in Basel.

My vision is that Basel will be transformed to a place with a new spirit where global and local meet, not only in terms of same time – same place but with open hearts, wild curiosity and overwhelming interest for each other. A place where people help each other explore, experience, learn and grow and live the wonderful art of life. Welcome!

Sine Diagne

I have travelled extensively and lived in a number of countries, the last one being Switzerland. So I know a little about moving to new surroundings, with different culture and languages, and the need to find my own marks. One trait that always helps me find my way is my inherent curiosity and my willingness to meeting people and try new things.

What I love about living in Basel is the incredible variety of cultural activities, the proximity to major European centres and its ever-increasing cosmopolitan flair. I love food, I like to dance and always enjoy good company.

Carolyn Arculus

I am originally from England, grew up on a farm and live in Switzerland since more than 20 years. I like nature, outdoor sports, am curious about people, things and places and Paris is my favorite big city!

My passion is in working with people from all over the world, from all walks of life.  I love the rich diversity and like to help people understand, synergize and appreciate their differences.

Basel is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with many rich and diverse offerings to enjoy. We help you get to know the city and its people. We like to introduce you to this diverse community, their art, their culture and make you feel part of it! Welcome.

Amra Demirovic

I was born in Sarajevo, a beautiful multiethnic city in the center of Yugoslavia, shaped in the form of a heart. Due to my father’s career in sports, we moved to Basel, where I grew up. I spoke Bosnian at home, Swiss German at school and studied in Basel and Barcelona. With 28 I felt the urge to see more of the world and face new adventures.
Surprisingly, after my return, I started to see Basel and its Region with different eyes. Suddenly I saw a wide range of opportunities and lots of warm and welcoming people. With an open mind and heart I started to discover and explore a Basel that was not known to me and this place that I grew up became a spot where the ”world” can be found. For me Basel is a great small city along the Rhine with so much history to share and so many interesting people to meet. You just need to go out and find it!